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Referral Information

boy and momWho can receive this service?

Ambulatory Services provide support for children and teens up to age 17 who have complex mental health issues that seriously affect their daily lives. A referral is needed to receive Ambulatory Services.

What is the process for making a referral?

Referrals are made through an agency (listed below) that is specific to each city or region. These agencies will work with you to find the best services and solutions to meet the needs of the child/youth. They also provide information regarding services and supports for children and youth who have emotional, behavioural and/or developmental concerns.   

Who can make referrals to this service?

teenboyAnyone can call these agencies for information or to make a referral.

City of Hamilton

Referrals to Ambulatory Services are made through Contact Hamilton. Phone: 905-570-8888

Niagara Region

Referrals are made through Contact Niagara. Call 905-684-3407 or Toll Free: 1-800-933-3617

Haldimand and Norfolk

Referrals are made through Contact Haldimand -Norfolk. Phone 1-800-265-8087 ext. 350


Referrals are made through Contact Brant. Phone: (519) 758-8228


Referrals are made through  Rock (Reach Out Centre for Kids)– Phone (905) 634-2347.

Where can I get more information?

For more information, please contact our Central Referral office at 905 521-2100 ext. 74382

hands touchingPsychiatric Consultation and Assessment

The Psychiatric Consultation service provides a one-time appointment with a psychiatrist for diagnostic clarification, medication review, and treatment recommendations through a shared care model with family physicians and pediatricians.

The referral form is to be used for ONE-TIME psychiatry consultation for children and youth from ages 2 to their 18th birthday.

This form is NOT to be used for urgent psychiatric consultation. If you are concerned about acute safety issues for your patient (e.g., suicidal ideation), please contact your local crisis service or direct your patient to the nearest Emergency Room.

To request psychiatric consultation services, please fill out ALL SECTIONS of the form and fax to 905-521-7938 to initiate your referral.

Please note that the form is NOT to be used for ongoing mental health services or treatment.  If such services are required, please call the agency for your area listed above. Important Note: The family can self-refer to an agency while awaiting their psychiatric consultation.

Referral Process for Psychiatric Consultation:
• Referrals require physician/NPO support (including physician/NPO signature)
• All sections of the referral form must be completed by a physician/NPO and faxed to the CYMHP Central Referral office. The referral form can be found below or on the right side of the website.
• For the City of Hamilton, we are requesting that referring physicians/NPOs request consent to share their referral information with CONTACT Hamilton and/or Youth Wellness in an effort to coordinate care.
• Referral information is sorted and prioritized by the Central Referral team. We are not able to accept incomplete referrals and incomplete referrals will be returned. All fields must be completed.
• Families are contacted directly by Centralized Registration to schedule the appointment.

For more information on the Psychiatric Consultation Referral Flow Process, click here.

Psychiatrtic Consultation Form for City of Hamilton

Psychiatric Consultation Form for Niagara/Haldimand-Norfolk/Brant/Burlington

Associated Files

Psychiatric Consultation Request Form - Outside Hamilton

Psychiatric Consultation Request Form - Outside Hamilton  

RJCHC Psychiatric Consult Flow

RJCHC Psychiatric Consult Flow  

Psychiatric Consultation Request Form for Hamilton

Psychiatric Consultation Request Form for Hamilton