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Ambulatory Services

Ambulatory Services are offered for the City of Hamilton and the region of Niagara, Haldimand, Brant, Burlington and Norfolk.

Information on how to make a referral.

Ambulatory Services-City of Hamilton (Outpatient services)

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These services are available to children and youth, up to their 18th birthday, that live in the city of Hamilton.

  • Mental Health Assessment
  • Individual Family and Group Treatment
  • Psychiatric Consultation and Assessment
  • Home-based Services
  • Psychological testing and consultation services
  • Emergency Services (CHYMES)

Ambulatory Services-Regional (Outreach Services and Urgent Access)

These services are available to children and youth, up to their 18th birthday, that live in the region of Niagara, Haldimand, Brant, Burlington and Norfolk.

  • Mental Health Assessment
  • Individual Family and Group Treatment
  • Bridging Services
  • Psychiatric Consultation and Assessment
  • Emergency Services (CHYMES)

Frequently asked questions

What will happen when I come to the Child and Youth Mental Health Program?

When you arrive, please check in with the Business Clerk. The Business Clerk will:

  • Tell your health care provider that you have arrived for your appointment.
  • Ask you to fill out some forms. The information you provide will help the team understand your concerns.

Your health care provider will:

  • Meet with you to learn about the difficulties that you are having. If you have family members with you, you can decide to let them take part in discussions.
  • Help everyone reach a common understanding your difficulties
  • Make recommendations to best suit your needs

How long will I be involved in the Program?

Your involvement will depend on your needs. Each client’s needs are different.

Can family or others be involved?youth and dad

Our care is patient and family-centred care. This means that you and those who are important to you are part of our team. This may be family members or other people that support you.

We will plan your care together, to meet your needs. At times, we may ask to speak with your parents or caregivers.

Can children visit?

Yes, children may visit if there is an adult to care for them at all times. We recommend that parents of clients bring another adult to care for other children. Children must not be left alone.

What should I bring to my appointment?

  1. Your Ontario Health Insurance Card (OHIP Card).
  2. A list of all past and current medications. There is no charge to get this list from your pharmacist. Please include:
    • the amount (dose) of each medication
    • the reasons for stopping a medication, if applicable
    • all vitamins, supplements and herbal remedies
  3. All forms that you have been asked to complete.
  4. Any other forms related to your care, such as reports from previous assessments, letters, and school information.

How do I make, cancel, or rebook appointments?

Call McMaster Children's Hospital at 905 521-2100

  • For Outpatient Services at the Ron Joyce Children's Health Centre call ext. 77621
  • For the Outreach and Urgent Access Clinic at McMaster call ext. 77327

If you need to change or cancel an appointment at any of our clinics, please give a minimum of 24-48 hours notice.

Clients who frequently cancel or fail to attend their appointments may not be allowed to stay in our program.

Will you protect the privacy of my personal information?

Yes, we follow hospital policies and all Ontario laws related to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of personal health information. Only the health care providers involved in your care will have access to your personal information.

We must tell you however, that it is not possible to guarantee absolute confidentiality. In certain situations, the law requires health care providers to report concerns. For example, if we become concerned that a client is experiencing harm, abuse or neglect (or has in the past), we are required to release this information to authorities. We will discuss this with you when you begin to receive care in our program