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Children with mental illness and developmental disabilities deserve expert, evidence-based care that is informed by an understanding of the biological and environmental factors that shape their well-being and group childrenhealth development. Such a culture of care requires strong collaborations with researchers, teachers and knowledge leaders.

Many of the CYMHP faculty members and clinicians are involved in research that aims to improve the mental health and developmental path of children and youth.

Some of research projects that are ongoing include:

  • Dr. Khrista Boylan: Primary focus on improving our understanding of treatment of severe or atypical mood difficulties in adolescent girls.
    i) Teenage Girls Emotion Regulation Study. This study aims to determine predictors of severe and refractory self harm and emotional dysregulation in girls with depressive disorders.
    ii) Efficacy study of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy in our outpatient clinic.
    iii) Study exploring the acceptability of parental mental health screening in the outpatient clinic when youth are being assessed.
  • Dr. Charles E. Cunningham: Involved in studies that use methods from marketing research and economics to engage youth, parents, educators, and professionals in the design and evaluation of a new generation of user-informed prevention and treatment programs. This work is supported by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and the Jack Laidlaw Chair in Patient-Centered Health Care.
  • Dr.Ellen Lipman: Main research interests are in the areas of single-parent families, teen mothers, disadvantaged children, group therapies, effectiveness studies, child and adolescent psychiatry, and epidemiology. Young Mothers Health Study is a study of Dr. Lipman's and is currently recruiting participants. For more information go to their Facebook page or download this poster.
  • Dr. Caroline McIsaac, Clinical Psychologist, and Ms. Laurie Horricks, MN, are interested in the connection between dating and sexual health risks and acute mental health difficulties in adolescence. They have been funded by an HHS grant to study these links on the mental health the inpatient unit at McMaster Children’s Hospital and hope that their findings will inform practice guidelines for assessment and treatment.
  • Developmental pathways of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

Clinician-scientists at CYMHP also partner with other hospitals and universities as part of important research networks and multi-site studies:

Offord Centre for Child Studies

CYMHP is proud to collaborate with the Offord Centre for Child Studies in a shared mission to enhance the mental health and well-being of children with mental health and neurodevelopmental disabilities. The Offord Centre for Child Studies is an internationally recognized research centre that brings together researchers across a wide variety of disciplines including psychiatry, psychology, neuroscience, nursing, sociology, epidemiology, pediatrics and education. Themes focus on:

  • Child mental health and neurodevelopmental disorders
  • Influences on child health and development
  • Treatments, interventions, screening and services
  • Knowledge translation and community connections


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