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Referral Process

Physician to Physician Referral Process-Psychiatric Consultation and Assessment

Psychiatric Consultation and Assessment is part of the Ambulatory Services provided by the Child and Youth Mental Health Program.  This service provides a one-time appointment with a psychiatrist for diagnostic clarification, medication review, and treatment recommendations through a shared care model with family physicians and pediatricians. Follow up appointments are provided as necessary.(image)

• Referrals require physician support (including physician signature)

• Referrals must be made in writing, directed to the CYMHP Central Referral office via mail or fax

• Referrals can be made using the program referral form (posted on the right)

• Referral information is sorted and prioritized by the Central Referral team

• Families are contacted directly to offer appointments

Referrals can be forwarded to McMaster Children’s Hospital, Child and Youth Mental Health Program:

Fax:  905 521-7938

Ron Joyce Children's Health Centre 
237 Barton Street East 
Hamilton, ON
L8L 2X2

Emergent Referrals to the Inpatient Unit:

• The physician is to contact the Unit directly at 905 521-2100 ext. 72800.

• You will be asked to fax a psychiatric assessment and any other relevant documentation to 905 577-8499.

• The information is reviewed by the team and disposition communicated promptly to the referral source.


Referrals to Ambulatory Services, Inpatient and Day Hospital Services

Please go to the Referrals page for information on how to refer patients.